Meet The Band

Meet the Wards


Gail Ward Childers

Gail is the eldest daughter of Mike and Linda Ward. She is the pianist, vocalist, conference speaker, PR Manager, and one of the songwriters of the group. Gail was born in Northeast Georgia, where she spent her childhood, writing music, traveling and singing in churches across the Southeast.  Her love of music started at a young age as did her desire to learn to play music. Gail is co-owner of Southern Regional Gospel Music Association.                    She and her husband, David Childers have three children, David, Jr., Lindsay, and Cristen, raised in music and 7 grandchildren that are coming up in music as well.  She spent much of her time homeschooling her children.  She and her husband made the commitment to homeschool in 1996 when it was fairly new to their area. They have graduated five students.  Gail was involved in her home school support group as newsletter editor, home school contact, as well as Christian Pastoral Counselor for Bondage Free Ministries, under the guidance and leadership of A Perfect Exodus. She is a speaker and has written numerous songs such as Coming out of Bondage, I Can Tell, More Like You, Bless You Lord, Yeshua Our King, and Mercy Found Me, just to name a few. She is an active member of BMI.   She has then shared her songs with other ministries.  She has traveled while singing professionally with Zoe Seed, as well as with Jimmie Black, Messianic Worship Recording Artist.    Gail’s other appearances have been shared with greats such as Paul Wilbur, and the late Tee and Rhonda Paramoure, and Ethel Cunningham. She and the group are working on songs for the next album to be released in 2019.  In spare time, she loves hiking and spending time with her grandbabies, while teaching them the love of music.

Mike G. Ward

Mike and Linda Ward

Mike Ward passed away Jan 10, 2018
Mike,(which is a nickname for Malcom), a veteran of the US Military, was the bass player,  Baritone vocalist, Conference speaker, and one of the songwriters for the group.  He and his wife Linda Ward were the founders of The Wards. He was born in the Northeastern hills of Georgia in the little college town of Athens.  At the young age of 17, Mike began traveling around the world, during his eight years of military service and was finally transplanted in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where he now resides with his beautiful wife of 49 years, Linda Fay Gorum Ward of Woodworth, Louisiana.  Together they raised four wonderful children; Linda Gail Ward Childers, Melissa D. Ward Mercado, Julia Christine W. Martinez, and the late Michael Paul Ward.  They started a family singing group in the ’70s, known as the Mike Ward Singers and traveled every weekend over North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia, singing Southern Gospel Music and preaching the word of God.  He has 10 beautiful grandchildren and 8 beautiful great grandchildren of which he is very proud.

Mike was also an established, ordained minister, writer, and musician.  He plays keyboard, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, drums and attempts the fiddle.  He has written hundreds of gospel songs, that have been sung throughout his musical career and at the present moment working on another album of favorites. His song, “Bible Revival has been released as a single this year and is doing very well!

Mike started his musical career when his Aunt gave him his first guitar at the age of 8. He strummed on one string during choir singing relentlessly until he learned to play the guitar.  Music is his life, and achieving perfection is his destiny.  He expects nothing but the best from his children and they always exceed his expectations.  God has richly blessed this musical family.  With the close ties that they enjoy, they have produced a tight family harmony that is evident in every song that they sing.

Julia Ward Martinez


Julia is vocalist and one of the songwriters for The Wards.  She was born in Florida and began her love of music and singing at a young age. She had a lot of health problems as a child, and God always manifested himself in her and brought healing, even after the doctors gave up hope.  She and her husband, Richard have one child, Isabella.  Julia is a full time student and full time mother.  She is fairly new to songwriting but has blasted her way into the field with fresh vision and inspiring words bought with the price of pain.  She began singing with The Wards as a young girl with a great testimony of perfect healing from a debilitating disease of Epilepsy and Paralysis.   Her high soprano harmoniously blends with ease to the voices of Mike and Gail.  She has a passion for children from broken homes and in her spare time takes family trips and loves to minister through song and testimony.  She has written songs that have touched lives, such as “Til The Storm Passes By”, “Where Does My Faith Come From”, “This Old Man”, This is the Day of The Lord”, and many more that will be on the next recording that she is presently working on with the group. There is so much more to come from Julia.

Sandy Joyce

Sandy Joyce is from Madison NC and is a vocalist, songwriter, and music composer. She has been singing solo and in groups since she was 17 yrs old. Shes involved in prison ministry (Out of Bondage Ministries), women’s ministry, nursing home ministry, and hospital ministry also with the desire to take Hope to the hopeless. Other hobbies include photography, videography and learning new crafts. Raised in Greensboro, NC and has also lived in Connecticut, Florida, and Texas. 



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