Occupy Til I Come

Luke 19:13 Jesus begins giving an allegory to those who were following him about a nobleman who went away to receive his Kingship. Before he left, he gave a command to his servants to take the money he had given them and invest it till he returns. Now some of you know how this story goes but here’s what I want to elaborate on.
He said to ” Occupy ( invest, work, ) till I come.”
Now, “occupy” doesn’t mean to sit and just live and wait for the sweet by and by. No, it means to invest in life, take charge, take by force, have dominion.
Question for the day…..
What are you spending your days investing in? Are you investing into others? Are you just sitting and waiting for you sweet bye and bye, or are you building up, creating, and taking dominion?
Have a good one peeps!! I love you!

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